Sites which use Yioop Software

  • is the main demo site for yioop. Currently, the default crawl is only being served from disk-based (rather than SSD) hard-drives from five Mac Minis. In previous testing, moving the dictionary and shards to SSD brings the response times to about a second. For crawls of a few million pages you can expect much quicker responses even on disk-based drives.
  • . Seekquarry itself was created using the wikis within a vanilla install of Yioop. The download yioop software form was a simple customization added to the app directory.
  • demonstrates doing a niche crawl of just Canadian websites. This how to do a niche crawl blog entry explains how this crawl was created. This site also demonstrates using Yioop software's built-in support for keyword advertising.
  • is a sites for FRISE - the Free Interactive Story Engine, also being developed at Seekquarry. In this case, Yioop is being used for its wiki system to develop the web site.
  • is being used by my wife as she runs for school board (She won!). Again, it is a pure vanilla Yioop install. It illustrates using Yioop's built-in wiki forms. The wiki pages are also localized to both English and Vietnamese (including Forms).
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